Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Waiting for Reality to Settle Itself

Hi. I'm BIB1 and I have a whole host of bad ideas fueled by the psychotic sleep aid, ambien.

Like right now, it's 8:27am and thank the non-existent god for remote access. I am working from home because I can't drive while still seeing 2 of everything.

When the ambien doesn't work and you are left awake and drugged to the gills - smart people lay down, maybe in a place where they might sleep. Not us. Insomnia wins for the night and we spent the entirety of the evening specifically not sleeping.

The hallucinations have stopped, I got tons done on a knitting project (which I only vaguely remember doing) and my vision is almost back to single focus.

Nancy Friday wrote a book called "Women on Top". If you have not read it, you should. It's the book that made me realize that my somewhat odd sexual proclivities are not uncommon. This was obviously pre-internet, now you can find anything about any kind of sex with the click of a button. That's amazing. People don't realize how amazing. We should be continuously awe-struck. So, read the book, maybe you can find the pdf on demonoid or something.


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    1. It really is. I am borrowing BIB1 copy and it's excellent.